School Year 2020-2021 / Reopening Information for Partners:

April 14th Partnership Update Call and Data Collection Intro:
Partnership Update Information: Presentation Slides
Partnership Call Recording: Presentation Recording
Partner Data Collection: Partner Data Collection Technical Guide For SY20-21

Boston Public Schools Statement on Partner Access (March 16th):
On Tuesday, March 16, it was announced to school leaders that a limited number of partners are being allowed into BPS school buildings. Approved partners include mental health supports, physical health support through health clinics and therapy, and therapeutic services, such as ABA and ELA. Also included are student teachers, student nurses, and student social workers. If you offer one of these services and are interested in returning in person, please contact school leaders. There are fewer limitations on the type of Partners providing services outside of school buildings. This programming also requires the approval of the school leader, adherence to all registration requirements, and public health guidelines. Guidance will continue to be updated as decisions are made.

March 10th Partnership Update Call and Anti-Racism Training Information:
Anti-Racism Training Information: Presentation Slides
Anti-Racism Training Recording: Presentation Recording

February 10th Partnership Update Call Information:
Partner Call Slides: Margaret’s Slides
Note: The call was unable to be recorded, we are working atop amend this issue for future calls.

December 11th Partnership Update Call Information
Meeting Materials: 12.11.20 Partner Update Agenda and Google Slide Deck
Note: The call was unable to be recorded, but an FAQ will be uploaded and shared at our earliest ability.

CORI information can be found in our Guide for School-Community Partnerships, inside the Guide you will find a link to the CORI Form, as well as instructions. Due to COVID-19 ID verification is no longer in person. When you submit your forms, please choose a school you have a relationship with. The staffer at the school who verifies CORI forms will contact you to confirm the information on the ID is correct, and the ID matches the person. This process may take between 7 to 10 days.

Review the Guide for School-Community Partnerships here Please make sure that your program information is up to date.

Earlier Partnership Updates and School Reopening Information:

Please check here for updated information about the reopening of schools for the 2020-2021 School Year.
Partners Letter – Reopening Fall 2020 9-2-2020

Boston Public Schools Agreement has reached an agreement with the Boston Teachers Union regarding reopening. The Public MOU may contain information helpful to Partners.

Virtual PartnerBPS Programming Fair

The Office of Partnerships and Development hosted a series of 4 Zoom Connector Events for Partner Organizations and School Leaders to connect and learn about opportunities for the 2021-2022 school year. If you have questions about these events or would like to know about partners that attended, please reach out to and

November 6th Partnership Update Call Information
NDA Policy: Google Document Listing and Google Slide Deck

Note: As we discussed, partners who are requesting access to Zoom and Google Meets access, will need to submit a Confidentiality Agreement. Partners requesting Google Classroom and Seesaw access, will need to submit a Systems Access NDA Request Form. Please have partners with questions reach out to and we will try to respond to inquiries promptly.
Recording: 11.6 Partners Opening Call (Access Code: I&h7NyQ3)
FAQ: Clarification Questions and Common Video Questions
Margaret’s Slides and Reference Material: Presentation Slides

For information regarding Out of School Time Programs and connection to sites, programs, and students please refer to the BPS Fall 2020 Reopening: Out of School Time Programs

For information regarding Partners Access to Buildings (Updated Sept. 23rd), please refer to the BPS Superintendent’s Guide to Building Access

For more information regarding guidelines for program offerings, along with update new policies as result of COVID-19, please review Expanded Guidance for Partners Providing Programming During COVID-19 Closure

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