How It Works

PartnerBPS is designed to help a variety of users to quickly and easily identify which partners and programs are operating in which schools, as an aid to school leaders, partners, and families.


  •      Register current school-based partnership programs and opportunities
  •      Create organization and program profiles
  •      Manage school-based partnership information
  •      Identify and broker new partnership opportunities with schools


  •      Develop a comprehensive web-based school partnership profile
  •      Track and manage current school-based partners
  •      Analyze reports of current school-based partnership data
  •      Better align partnership programs and opportunities with school priorities
  •      Identify and broker new partnerships opportunities


  •      Review school-based partnership profiles to better understand opportunities that currently exist in schools
  •      Learn more about partner organizations, and the programs, services and opportunities they provide
  •      Connect with schools to advocate for expanding partnerships
  •      Connect with partner organizations to enroll your child in programs and services